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REMind Ed® The ABC’s of Staff Wellbeing

REMind Ed® The ABC’s of Staff Wellbeing


This 1-hour bespoke workshop provides the space for staff to engage in discussion and contemplation about wellbeing in their school. It can be delivered both face-to-face or online. We cannot underestimate the importance of creating time and space for staff to connect, to contemplate and to communicate.

REMind Ed® The ABC’s for Staff Wellbeing

Our Staff Wellbeing Workshops

The ABC’s of Staff Wellbeing is focused on realism, reliability, relevance and practicality. It enables a community to gather. It generates a moment to pause and think about the culture of wellbeing in the school. The strategies and prompts provided are applicable to real-life school situations, the four key areas of SSE and the challenges faced by schools in their daily lives.

If staff feel supported, regulated and respected this is evident in the environment and will permeate through the system and impact the overall wellbeing within the school. Without staff wellbeing, pupil wellbeing is in question. The ABC’s of Staff Wellbeing remind staff about the importance of their wellbeing and provide a relaxed atmosphere to empower staff on the next phase of their wellbeing journey.

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What Customers Are Saying

This workshop was so realistic and practical. I would highly recommend it to other schools. It started a conversation that I hadn’t realised we needed as a staff.

Principal, Co. Meath

Úna’s professional knowledge and mannerism is what made this workshop extremely valuable.

Principal, Co. Limerick