Mind Moments


A wellbeing toolkit containing 25 prompt cards with 100 activities. It offers everything you need to give children a daily dose of wellbeing practice.

Mind Moments are suitable for use:

  • Across all class levels in Primary School.
  • Ideal for adopting a whole school collaborative approach to wellbeing in line with School Self Evaluation.
  • As a movement break, SPHE stimulus or lesson transition.
  • As a daily wellbeing initiative.
  • As prompts with a class up to Junior Cycle in Secondary School e.g. in resource settings or as a movement break.
  • In any small or large group setting with children.
  • For health practitioners as a bank of icebreaker activities.
  • As prompts for Play/Art/Music Therapists in a one-to-one setting or in therapeutic groups.
  • At home, activities can be adapted and provide lovely play and wellness prompts.
  • As a bedtime routine, creating a calming ritual for some relaxing time.

REMind Ed delivers throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

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More Information ...

  • Mind Moments prompt cards are the first of their kind, developed using a 4 step model, grounded in research, to equip and empower everyone with their daily wellbeing.
  • The artwork on this unique product has been created by the talented designer illustrator Kerry Eugenie Prendeville, specifically for REMind Ed™.
  • These 25 prompt cards are printed on high quality card stock and are accompanied by a trifold explanatory insert and beautifully packaged.
  • We are very proud to say Mind Moments© has been dreamed up, designed and printed in Ireland.