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Mind Moments promote wellbeing for children and develop healthy habits and lifelong skills

Benefits of Using Mind Moments

The Benefits of Mind Moments Prompt Cards

When it comes to our health, forming good habits are key. In order to take a preventative approach to mental health we need to equip and inform our children with tangible, easy to use strategies. REMind Ed advocates a regular dose towards wellbeing, which builds over time to create healthy, robust habits. For instance; when brushing our teeth we would never use a whole tube of toothpaste this week and then do nothing for a few weeks. Instead, we use just a small amount of toothpaste but we practice brushing daily.

The Benefits of Mind Moments Prompt Cards

The relational and community component of schools make them an ideal place to weave wellbeing practices into children’s routines. By using Mind Moments prompt cards daily in your school, you will:

  • Promote wellbeing for children
  • Develop healthy habits and lifelong skills
  • Enhance positive relationships
  • Support regulation and calm
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Generate fun and laughter, an antidote to anxiety
  • Nurture a growth mindset and combat negative thinking
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Expand creativity
  • Foster a positive culture and environment

How To Use Mind Moments Prompt Cards

REMind Ed have designed Mind Moments prompt cards to support schools and educational settings and each card follows the same format of 4 clear steps;

Move Prompt Card
Play Prompt Card
Breathe Prompt Card
Say Prompt Card

REMind Ed have designed Mind Moments prompt cards to support schools and educational settings. We know how busy the school day is. Therefore, we want to help you implement wellbeing strategies, using a whole school approach, in a manner that feels manageable and achievable.

The cards provide a range of activities that can be completed in the smallest space or the school yard or hall. The activities can be adapted to suit all abilities and ages. The rationale behind this is to provide a clear scaffold and mantra that the children will become very familiar with. Our aim is for this sequence to become habitual. Simply pick a card for the week and practice it for 5 minutes daily.

How To Use Mind Moments Prompt Cards
What Customers Are Saying

REMind Ed is a fantastic resource which I have really enjoyed using with my Junior Infant class. The prompt cards are well structured, user friendly and effective. My class loved the practical tasks that they were asked to complete within the resource. I used the cards every morning and as a transition activity during the day. The children habitually became calmer and more grounded following the tasks.

Learning through play is essential in the infant classroom, as such I was delighted that this resource offered a playful approach to wellbeing which I could use daily to ensure I was catering for the wellbeing of all my students. Personally, I appreciated the mind moments for the teacher as well. A super resource for any classroom!

Ellen O’ Donnell, Scoil Teampall Toinne, Ballyporeen, Tipperary