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REMind Ed mission is to create a culture of wellbeing practices for all age groups


Frequently Asked Questions

Mind Moments FAQs
Mind Moments are ideal for use in schools but they are brilliant for anyone working with groups of children or children individually. We actually use them at home with our own children and just adapt the games that are for bigger groups. However, these cards are for anyone that wants to have easy access to a dose of daily wellbeing. The prompt is simple but effective, requires minimal time and offers a moment for your mind.
Mind Moments can be used with children of any age in particular those of primary school age, some people have found them very useful for pre and early teens.
Mind Moments have been carefully selected with a broad audience in mind. The prompts follow a clear 4 steps:
  • Move: These activities can be used with any age group even adults.
  • Play: The game prompts are pitched to middle childhood (6-10) but can be easily adjusted by simplifying/expanding the language, shortening/lengthening the activity, knowing the child/children involved.
  • Breathe: These prompts can be used with any age.
  • Say: This is a daily affirmation to expand positive self talk so the younger this begins the better, consequently this is for everyone!
Mind Moments are prompt cards and are designed to remind you and inspire you. Ultimately, how you use the cards depends on your style and who you are using them with. However, we strongly advocate a daily dose when it comes to the activities. Our aim at REMind Ed™ is to support children to build healthy habits when it comes to mental hygiene.
As mentioned the cards are prompt cards and can be used in that manner, to prompt, to spur a thought, to stimulate and to inspire you to create a Mind Moment for yourself and the child/children you are using them with. So feel free to start anywhere you wish on the card. We have created them with the same four steps to allow ease of use over time.
The Mind Moments prompt cards are designed to be simple yet effective. The aim is for them to become part of the daily routine, just like brushing our teeth! We recommend at least 5 minutes as this is manageable and achievable….anything longer is at your own discretion.
Some of group activities lend themselves better to one to one or small groups but this is a matter for the leader to decide based on their setting/age range of the child/children.
The leader is anyone who wants to lead the Mind Moment. This can be a teacher, a parent, a carer, an SNA, a play/art/music therapist, an older child in the class, someone who wants to guide the activity.
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What Customers Are Saying

This is a great resource that promotes and focuses on children’s emotional wellbeing. It is a well structured, easy to use resource. The children are actively involved in easy to remember ideas and techniques to help them deal with their thoughts and feelings.

Used regularly, the children become more aware of their emotional wellbeing and are armed with a bank of strategies they can use when their wellbeing is challenged. It is effective when used with a whole class, individuals and small groups. I highly recommend this resource and will continue to use it in my own setting.

Maria Carrie, 5th and 6th Class Teacher, Oola N.S.

Prompt Card Benefits

Prompt Card Benefits

When it comes to our health, forming good habits are key. In order to take a preventative approach to mental health we need to equip and inform our children with tangible, easy to use strategies. REMind Ed advocates for a regular dose of wellbeing, this then builds over time to create healthy, lifelong habits.