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REMind Ed® Mind Moments© Childrens’ Workshop

REMind Ed® Mind Moments© Childrens’ Workshop


A bespoke active, fun, playful and engaging workshop. A Mind Moments© for Children Workshop begins with a discussion about wellbeing, generating an understanding of what wellbeing is, creating a safe space for engaging in creative, fun-based activities using Mind Moments© prompts such as movement, play, breathing and affirmations to engage the children and make it interactive.

Mind Moments Childrens’ Workshop

Our Childrens’ Workshop

REMind Ed® mission is to be relatable and realistic. This workshop works on regulation, self-awareness, emotional literacy, connection, self-belief, and mindset through active, fun games and activities. It provides simple prompts, strategies and ideas for supporting children’s wellbeing daily and providing a brain break.

Each session is 45-60 minutes depending on the age and the group size. Everyone is encouraged to partake as it generates connection and cohesion, boosts relationships and fosters a sense of fun, playfulness and mindfulness.

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What Customers Are Saying

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, everyone was engaged, active and partaking which is very special with a senior class. They refer to the games and activities regularly.

Sixth Class Teacher, Co. Kerry