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Bespoke REMind Ed® Wellness Workshops

Bespoke REMind Ed® Wellness Workshops


Wellbeing is a shared responsibility for everyone. It requires a combined and collective approach. We need to change the focus on wellbeing as a supplemental programme, we need to embed it into daily life. When woven into daily life in a simple, doable manner, these skills can be transferred to the wider world. Everyone feels the benefits and becomes attuned to their state of being, are more compassionate with themselves and more present in the moment. It is not about tokenistic wellbeing practices, it is about realistic wellbeing prompts and making it part of everyday life.

REMind Ed® Wellness Workshops

We cannot underestimate the importance of nurturing ours and our children’s wellbeing.

A bespoke REMind Ed® Wellness Workshop looks at wellbeing, how we can support our wellbeing on a daily basis and provides simple prompts in a very relatable, realistic, relaxed and relevant manner.

Each workshop is tailored to focus on practical strategies and activities that attendees can easily understand and apply to their own lives. This approach helps ensure that the content is meaningful and applicable to the participants’ everyday experiences.

  • Support conversation about their wellbeing,
  • Highlight the connection between everyday wellbeing and your environment,
  • Discuss the importance of having an awareness of their own self care habits and regulation,
  • Create an opportunity to collaborate and connect with each other,
  • Provide simple and realistic prompts and strategies that can be used daily to nurture, foster and embed wellbeing promotion and support into the daily routine.

These bespoke workshops and webinars are for Schools, Education Centres, Family Resource Centres, libraries and other such locations for adults and children in:

  • Wellbeing.
  • Embedding Wellbeing into daily life for the School Community.
  • Prompts and Strategies to develop simple wellbeing habits and practices in daily life.
  • A Mind Moments© Workshop for Children demonstrating the Mind Moments© initiative.

If you like to know more about these bespoke wellness workshops, please contact REMind Ed or email