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REMind Ed is a wellbeing company with the aim of empowering everyone to be their best self

About REMind ED


To promote and enable wellbeing to be part of the everyday normal routine, just like brushing our teeth.


We believe a little can go a long way and it is in our everyday habits that we make the most change.


To create simple, easy to use and effective wellbeing prompts for everyone that support the building of lifelong, healthy habits and promote mental hygiene.


To REMind you, with simple and easy strategies, how to keep the balance right within the mayhem of everyday life.

Úna Ryan, REMind Ed

REMind Ed is a wellbeing company. The RE means to do again and again, it gives significance to the Mind. Minding ourselves and our minds daily, again and again. Ed is all about education in this area, in a simplistic and easy to use manner.

The company’s mission is to make wellbeing part of the everyday normal routine everywhere and for everyone. REMind Ed is all about being achievable, doable, realistic and good enough. We all need support from time to time. REMind Ed wants to support us when it comes to ours and our children’s wellbeing. It aims to provide this support using simple prompts and ready to go ideas with no resources required.

Úna Ryan (B.Ed, M.Ed) is the owner and director of REMind Ed®. Having become a mother and working with children daily for over 15 years as a Primary Teacher, Úna saw the need for a simplistic approach to daily wellbeing practices both at home and in schools. She knew the importance and significance of beginning this mission to empower fellow parents, teachers and anyone working with children.

She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing. Neuroscience highlights the significance of preventative measures, our daily mental health and self-care habits. Hence, this led to the creation of Mind Moments© wellbeing toolkit and initiative for schools, homes, small group settings and anyone working with children, Wellness Workshops for Adults and Children and the Mind Moments© and Mindfulness Class series with more to come in the future.

We need to encourage children to be proactive about understanding their emotions and teach them strategies to assist them with their wellbeing daily. Where better to do this than to embed it into the school day where they can practice these strategies with their peers and their school community. This in turn leads to it becoming part of the normal routine, a simple daily habit. It allows everyone to connect with themselves and each other, generates fun and provides the foundation for further wellbeing support and education.

Having worked as a Primary Teacher for over 15 years Úna has had the opportunity to work with all class levels and abilities from Infants to Sixth class in both multi-class and single-stream settings. Úna’s interest in understanding the best methodologies to use to cater for children’s needs led her to return to Mary Immaculate College to complete her Masters’s in Education. Over the years Úna has broadened her teaching experience through working in Special Schools summer programmes, creating and running summer camps, working as a drama teacher and undertaking various courses focusing on both academic and holistic areas.

As a teacher, Úna has always wanted to create a happy, safe and inspiring environment for the children she teaches. However, it was becoming a mother that cemented this for Úna.

Her interest in wellbeing and mental health deepened, and her passion for understanding better ways to parent fed her need to want to change teaching methods also. She wanted to create something that her boys and all children would benefit from not only at home but at school too.

What Customers Are Saying

I absolutely love your Mind Moments cards. Not only are they beautifully produced, but they also hold a host of strategies that I will definitely be dropping into my classes this year. The reason I’d use them within a secondary school is to bring calm to students, especially during tutor time and resource classes. They could be a stand alone activity every now and again, or a part of the weekly routine. Also, the quotes on the reverse side are lovely and offer food for thought.

Well done, they are unreal.

Veronica O Donnell, Presentation Secondary School, Milltown, Co Kerry.