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REMind Ed aims to promote and enable wellbeing to be part of the everyday normal routine

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What Are Mind Moments?

Mind Moments are simple, easy to use and effective wellbeing prompts for schools and homes that support the building of lifelong, healthy habits and promote mental hygiene.

Mind Moments Wellbeing Toolkit

Wellbeing Toolkit

Mind Moments is a wellbeing toolkit with over 100 activities on 25 A5 cards. Each card features simple, easy to use wellbeing prompts and strategies to support, foster and embed wellbeing in schools as a class or whole school initiative.

Mind Moments wellness break

5 Minutes Daily

Simply pick one card for the week and practice it for 5 minutes daily. This wellness break should become part of the daily routine, the format of which the children, at all class levels, will become familiar with and enjoy. The activities are a burst of fun, connection and calm for all involved!

Mind Moments Well-being Prompt Cards

4 Prompts

Every teacher and class is different. Schools are busy with demanding timetables. The prompts on the cards are simple in nature because they do not need to be complicated, they just need the opportunity to be practiced regularly.

REMind Ed® Wellness Workshops

REMind Ed® Wellness Workshops

We cannot underestimate the importance of nurturing ours and our children’s wellbeing.

A bespoke REMind Ed® Wellness Workshop looks at wellbeing, how we can support our wellbeing on a daily basis and provides simple prompts in a very relatable, realistic, relaxed and relevant manner.

Each workshop is tailored to focus on practical strategies and activities that attendees can easily understand and apply to their own lives. This approach helps ensure that the content is meaningful and applicable to the participants’ everyday experiences.

If you would like to know more about our Bespoke Wellness Workshops, please contact REMind Ed® or email

About REMind Ed

REMind Ed is a wellbeing company. The RE means to do again and again, it gives significance to the Mind. Minding ourselves and our minds daily, again and again. Ed is all about education in this area, in a simplistic and easy to use manner.

The company’s mission is to make wellbeing part of the everyday normal routine everywhere and for everyone. REMind Ed is all about being realistic, relatable and relevant. We all need reminding to mind our wellbeing. REMind Ed wants to support us when it comes to ours and our children’s wellbeing. It aims to provide this support using simple prompt and ready-to-go ideas.

Úna Ryan (B.Ed, M.Ed) is the owner and director of REMind Ed®. Having become a mother and working with children daily for over 15 years as a Primary Teacher, Úna saw the need for a simplistic approach to daily wellbeing practices both at home and in schools. She knew the importance and significance of beginning this mission to empower fellow parents, teachers and anyone working with children.

Úna Ryan, REMind Ed
What Customers Are Saying

Mind Moments are just fabulous. I love so many things about them.

The fact that they can be incorporated so seamlessly into a school day and require little or no resources in the PLAY is huge. The positive affirmations are lovely in the SAY sections and of course, the MOVE and BREATHE activities are just what we promote also on the Health & wellbeing team. I was just thinking as I read them how fortunate children would be to do these on a daily basis as a contribution to their overall wellbeing.

Marion Flanagan, Wellbeing Advisor, Primary Health & Wellbeing Team, Oide.

A Daily Dose of Wellbeing

REMind Ed’s mission is to promote and enable wellbeing to be part of everyday life, just like brushing our teeth. When it comes to proactively taking care of our mental health, we believe a little can go a long way and it is in our everyday habits that we make the most change.